Dr. Michael E. Gudorf




Dr. Michael E. Gudorf completed his masters and doctoral work in Christian Studies at the University of Chicago.  He has been involved in Christian ministry work for more than thirty years, researching and teaching a wide array of biblical subjects.  He currently serves as president of Christian Leadership Training, an organization that trains and supports Christian leaders. 

While adept at teaching a wide variety of biblical topics, Dr. Gudorf is especially known for his beginning and advanced instruction in the holy spirit field.  

Classes by Dr. Gudorf currently available to the general public include
"The Renewed Mind," "Understanding the Bible," "Prospering With God" and "Walking in God's Love and Power."  These classes are available in both CD and audio cassette formats.  

Dr. Michael E. Gudorf is currently operating his teaching ministry with full authority from God.  His dedication to God and His people is his purpose for living.


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